New pen & Ragwort

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New pen & Ragwort

Post by Piggywig » Fri Sep 02, 2011 10:31 am


I have just completed a second pen for my 3 little pigs. We have cleared as much of the brick away as possible as it is the ground around the ruins of 2 cottages. There is a drop of about 5ft where part of the wall is still erected. I wondered if the pigs would be clever enough to know not to jump down or if i should try and attach some fencing to stop them. It is my first year pigkeeping and my knowledge is limited to say the least ;) To me I would rather fence just in case but would be interested to know how they would handle it.

The main question is that some Ragwort had been growing in the area which has been pulled out by the roots so hopefully will not grow back. However I am worried I might not of got it all. How harmfull is it to pigs? Will it make them a bit sick or can it be fatal? I love my pigs so much I couldn't bear for them to get poorly so want to make sure they have a nice safe pen to explore.

Thanks in advance!

wendy scu
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Post by wendy scu » Fri Sep 02, 2011 2:14 pm

ragwort is potentially fatal but they should be ok if you have removed it by the roote. i have it growing in my field from time to time and they have never touched it - so far :)

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