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Female poorly

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2020 11:47 am
by M&M
Hoping for some advice or recognition of symptoms. Our Matilda who is around 7 years didn't get up for her dinner Monday afternoon. She was absolutely fine in the morning. Vet came out and gave her three injections, Buscopam, Loxicom and Diatrim. She was a little better next day, ate a little and drank water but stayed in bed most of the day. Wednesday much the same, drinking ok, eating a little. Today she got up and ate her pig nuts but very slowly. She didn't like being touched at first. She now won't drink at all. Seen her urinate but not seen her poo yet. She stands for a while with her Abdomen tucked in. She goes back to bed again soon after. Any ideas? Very worried for her as drinking has stopped. Also notice her breath smells a bit? Any help or suggestions appreciated. Thanks......Graham