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How to display photos in the forum

Post by simon » Thu May 07, 2009 5:12 pm

Here are some instructions on how to get photos in a forum post.

First prepare your photo by cropping off anything we don't need to see and making it a sensible size using a photo editing tool such as (the free) Paint.Net.
800px wide or less is a good size.

The KK forum does not store photos so you you need to put them somewhere on the internet.
I have a website and put them in a folder on there. Using a photo sharing website such as Flickr works just as well. You will need to follow their instructions -but its not hard and will not take long.

After you have your photo somewhere take note of its 'URL' (address). If you view your photo in the browser, right click it and choose 'properties' from the menu. You are looking for something like this:
Write your forum post and in the place where you want the picture type:

Code: Select all

to make your photo appear in that place:

Preview your post before submitting it!

You can also do a similar thing by uploading a video to YouTube.
After you upload a video to YouTube get the URL of the video [YouTube have plenty of their own instructions].
Create a link to your video within your forum post:

Code: Select all

[url=]Click here to watch a video of my piglets![/url]
Which comes out like this:
Click here to watch a video of my piglets!

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