open cuts on pigs back

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open cuts on pigs back

Post by spudgun » Mon Mar 11, 2019 2:07 pm


I have two lovely pigs, both about 8 years old. The female is in very good health with lots of hair and is very active.

Her brother is lethargic and has developed 10-20 small 2mm deep circular cuts on his back (up to the size of a 50p) and has less hair and a drier skin.

He has recently had trouble getting up when he has been sleeping, and I have had to help him rise.

The both sleep in stables (with 4 sheep and a goat) and live in a 4 acre paddock. Their grass diet is supplemented by carrots, potatoes, bread and pig nuts.

Both have had good health previously. Both are eating.

Any ideas what is ailing the male before I call out the vet. Many thanks in advance....

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