Breeding boar in first litter

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Breeding boar in first litter

Post by robnock » Sun Aug 20, 2017 3:49 pm

I see that "Breeders cannot register breeding boars in their first litters. Registrations for breeding boars are only allowed over a year after the herd's first litter notification."

Does that mean that any boars from the in-pig pedigree gilt I am buying cannot be registered for breeding. As the boar and dam were chosen by a longer established breeder....

Gilt is a Sally (7981) and the boar was a Tutaki (7555)

Also what decides what number goes after a pedigree animal eg the herd name, the bloodline and then a number. Does BKKPS chose that as latest of that line to be registered?

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Re: Breeding boar in first litter

Post by simon » Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:45 pm

Only the best boars should be left intact. 99% should be castrated at a few weeks old. Whilst the sow and dam might be very good, theres no guarantee any of the boar piglets would be suitable for breeding. It may take a few litters before you can see the difference. Should you desperately feel you have an excellent boar and want to keep one piglet intact you could contact the registrar and perhaps someone could inspect the proposed piglet.

The number at the end of the pedigree counts up from 1 for each bloodline in your herd.

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