Don't they make you laugh

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Don't they make you laugh

Post by Di » Sun Jan 04, 2009 10:19 pm

We have 2 sows (about 5 yrs old) a gilt (about 2 1/2 that I can't get pregnant) and Archie the boar. At the moment they are all in together.

One of the sows (Minnie) is incredibly deaf, asleep more often than not and normally I have to walk right up to her with the nuts and put them under her nose before she realises I'm there. Complete waste of time calling her. However, just lately (I'm sure she's pregnant) she seems to have livened up and runs with the others when I rattle the bucket.

Today I had 1 fodder beet I had picked up off the side of the road. I lobbed this into their paddock and quick as a flash she had it. She took off up across the field with the whole thing in her mouth - there was no way any of the others was getting a look in. I've not seen her move that quickly for ages. They are in a paddock of about an acre and a half so plenty of room. She carried that fodder beet in her mouth stopping every so often to eat some and then off again. Hilarious.

I gave the others their nuts and when she'd finished the fodder beet she tore down across the field to see if there were any left!! Its like she's got a new lease of life. Even after all these years I still find them complete time wasters and excellent entertainment.


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Post by Rowlands » Mon Jan 05, 2009 10:27 am

I find the piglets the funniest. I had one who hadn't quite got the hang of standing on 3 legs while he scratched his tummy with his other foot, so he stood on 3 legs and his snout. He looked as though he was trying to stand on his head- it did make me laugh!
At feeding time I've seen piglets so keen to eat that they carry on even when one of their litter mates have lifted their rear end up into the air in an effort to get better access to the food. I suppose all piglets do that but I'm witnessing these antics for the first time and its a source of constant amusement.

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