Peter pig - ideal for a petting farm or small holding

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Peter pig - ideal for a petting farm or small holding

Post by ffliz » Mon May 19, 2014 10:36 am

Ideal for a petting farm or small holding....

Our Peter.....he is a castrated black & white spotty kunekune pig. He is small for his breed - about the height of a medium sized dog & the length of a large dog....but a lot heavier!! (He does not eat a lot, although he would like to!)
We have had him from a piglet, he is now 2 years old.

We have a Mobile Farm & a livery yard & he lives very happily on his own in a stable. He is clean, friendly & mixes with all animals (horses, dogs, sheep, goats), adults & children. He comes to call & will sit for food, he is quite good on a harness....but will follow food anywhere. He will load easily in a trailer & has spent hours in a pen being petted by school children & the public & snoozing when out on his Mobile Farm trips.

We are (very very very sadly) letting him go because schools prefer visits from piglets that we can pick up.

If you check through the pages of photos, can see him on our website: or our facebook page:
Or I can email photos if you contact me at

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