Looking to rehome Dolly & Willow, 2 female kunekunes

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Looking to rehome Dolly & Willow, 2 female kunekunes

Post by Jadem » Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:56 pm

Dolly and Willow are both 5 and a half years old (born April 5th 2012) and I have had them both since they were piglets. Dolly is black and brown, Willow is mainly ginger with bits of black & brown on her. Their parents were registered pedigree kunekune's however we never registered Dolly and Willow. They live in a very large outdoor paddock with a large stable as their sleeping area. They are friendly and will flop on their sides for a good belly rub, however they are very food orientated.
I have been thinking about rehoming them for a good year now, but every time I think about this I get a lump in my throat and it upsets me. However, after seriously considering it and also because my life has changed so much this last year with my work, I feel the kindest thing would be to rehome them with someone who can give them the attention they deserve.
I am from the East Midlands in Derbyshire and I am willing to travel up to a couple of hours to take them to the right home.
If anyone is interested in rehoming Dolly and Willow, please reply or message me.
I have plenty of photo's of them right from the day I got them and I will be happy to email them over to you.
Thank you,

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Re: Looking to rehome Dolly & Willow, 2 female kunekunes

Post by fountaincourt » Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:15 pm

Hi there
We have a lovely home and are in need of a friend(s) for our kunekune truffle. Sadly her friend porky passed away and she is getting lonely.
Email me alice@dottydungarees.com

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