Companion needed for "Pig"?

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Companion needed for "Pig"?

Post by Nedosharry » Wed Jul 20, 2016 7:57 pm

We have recently purchased a beautiful Welsh Hill farm near to Lake Vyrnwy (South West of Oswestry) ~ we are renovating the farmhouse. When originally visiting the farm with the Seller we were greeted by what we have now learned to be a kunekune pig. The Seller's response was "wondered where she had got to ~ last saw her 12 months ago". We asked the Seller what the pig's name was ~ "Pig" was the response!
From enquiring locally ~ we think that Pig is between 5 -10 years old. She grazes with the sheep and seems very happy. Pig is exceptionally friendly ~ clearly she has been a "pet" ~ we were amazed that she "sits" on command and will offer up her trotter (hope that I am using the correct terminology) when asked to "give me your paw". She has her good days and sulks at times. So many moods and such a character.
Purpose of my post is to ascertain whether Pig would be happier with a companion? Local gossip believes that she was originally one of a pair. She has a favourite ewe ~ who she occasionally cuddles up and sleeps with. She has 150 acres plus over which to roam...but now spends much of her time in and around the farmyard. We are not a working farm ~ we were looking for a cottage + 1 acre!
I am very grateful to the Society for guidance as to feeding.....vegetables and fruit have markedly improved Pig's "coat".
Any advice and thoughts would be most welcome.
John & Eve

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Re: Companion needed for "Pig"?

Post by simon » Thu Jul 21, 2016 6:03 pm

Pigs certainly like company and shouldn't really be kept alone, so a companion would be a good idea. If this pig is 10 years old then maybe it only has a few years or so left - so you need to think before taking on another younger pig who might then get left alone.

Any chance of a photo, I am curious?

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Re: Companion needed for "Pig"?

Post by EdwardBarnes » Wed Jul 27, 2016 6:18 pm

I have two female kunekune Pigs - sisters, both 8 years old whom we have had since they were little piglets - one with brown/black and the other white/black with tassels. They are both registered with BKKKPS. We are situated in Worcestershire which is a fair distance from you but if you would be happy to take up my offer, I would be very grateful. As I am heading off to University and have been the one who has looked after these pigs since 2008, we are willing to give them away for FREE along with a pig ark if you can and want to collect it too (again FREE) and it sounds like with you they would be going off to a good home in the Welsh mountains ! They are both extremely friendly, one has built an extremely close friendship with our horses and adores them, they are always happy to see you (though food may factor into this and love belly rubs! Also know how to sit :). Do let me know if you are interested in this offer,

Yours sincerely,


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