Advertising and price

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Advertising and price

Post by wildbore » Mon May 14, 2012 12:13 am

Hi all, I'm a newey here and a forum virgin but with a suname like Wildbore have been destined to keep pigs. After 2 years our we finally have a litter of 5 beautiful piglets and are now :oops: embarrassed to admit to not knowing the current market value of them and so far have had no contacts from the society website listing. Any tips on what other advertising might be worthwhile?

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Re: Advertising and price

Post by simon » Mon May 14, 2012 10:44 am

Local advertising is often good. Many people attend local shows and fairs and put flyers up in shops. It can be hard work, but if it were possible to just breed and sell, we would all be rich.
If you are trying to sell to a wider area these types are often breeders or want to breed. Think whats special about your piglets, beautiful isn't enough. Do one or two exceed the breed standard, is one piglet particularly good, did you seek out good stock for the parents, have you got a rare bloodline? The market price for breeding stock can then depend on the answer to these questions.
But there comes a point when you have to decide what to do - raise for meat, or sell them to the meat trade. At that time the market price can be dictated by your local auction.

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Re: Advertising and price

Post by Himleyku » Sun Jan 19, 2014 11:34 am

Hi, have a big livestock section, you need to be a member to place an advert, but only costs about £5 /year. You can search "wanted" without being a member, but members get the newest adverts (less than a week old). Well worth using that site, there is a big smallholding community using it. Regarding the meat issue you aren't going to get a lot of money from the meat trade, and who knows where they could end up? The best thing would be to find a local abbatoir that either prepares meat to order, or who ships the carcass back to your local butcher for cutting. Pop into your local butcher, ask if they do "private kill" and which abbatoir they use. Plan to kill at around 8 months (ish) if they haven't got homes by then, I think a quick, professional kill is better for the animal than being passed around a load of people who don't know what they are doing, or why they want a pig. You could then sell direct to friends/family either as joints, or get made into sausages (different flavours, not just plain farmhouse) if a bit fatty. You can deliver straight to your customers in cool bags, or if you want to take home and put in your own fridge or freezer ask the local council to give your kitchen a hygiene rating. It's fairly easy if pigs are killed and cut on professional premises and you are just a distributor. You could get people to come and visit them prior to slaughter to show high welfare standards,and happy pigs, for which people are prepared to pay more than supermarket prices. You should be able to find most of your females homes, but there will be less demand for boars or castrates, so if you have a favourite make it a girl. Hope this helps.

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Re: Advertising and price

Post by The Rushbury Pig » Mon Feb 10, 2014 4:43 pm

Just to add to the above I find that you have to carefully listen to your customers and advise them according to their specific needs. I usually recommend 2 castrates if people want really soft adoring predictable pets, a gilt and a castrate if someone specifically wants a gilt and two gilts if the people are happy to put up with the potential grumpiness you can get every 21 days when they start coming into season. Not all gilts will present like this in pairs but many do and it is as well to be aware. I am also sure to mention to my customers that the castrates will grow tusks and how to deal with this particularly if they have children. If any of my customers have any feeling they might breed then that significantly limits the selection as many gilts are not suitable for breeding.

I then price accordingly....My price list on my website may help but prices do vary enormously: ... v_14_006.2
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