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Weaning hand reared piglets

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:44 pm
by Angela Eadington
We are hand rearing 6 piglets after their mother died at 2 weeks. She had done them very well until then and they are now 4 and a half weeks,now on 4 hourly faramate and going 6-7 hours overnight. I have gradually introduced milk creep solid feed, which they take readily with access to ad lib water. The smallest is still on bottles, but the other 5 lap from bowls and she will eat creep from a bowl although she won't take milk from one. I'm encouraging her to drink from a bowl but continuing with bottles, as she is gaining weight and now nearly caught up with the others. They are all thriving and a good weight.
My question is when would it be reasonable to wean off milk and convert from creep onto weaner nuts? Would normally wean off mum at 8 weeks, but as they are doing well, could or should I wean them sooner and over how long? or is it just play it by ear?
Any advice very welcome.