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Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 10:59 am
by Lynndb
I have two Kunes, a gilt and a castrate. They are 9 months old and over the last couple of months have started really churning the ground up in their large field. We expected a bit of rooting but wondered if anyone knew why this has started now with such a vengence? The field looks as though it has been ploughed and some of the furrows are very deep.

Re: Rooting

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:40 pm
by The Rushbury Pig
I'm sure you'll have lots of replies on this one, all with varying views :lol:

I see rooting for a number of reasons: adolescent pigs ; coming up to winter and the grass is not so nutritious ; some areas of ground and soil just seem irresistible ; kunekune mixed with traditional breeds copy behaviour and sometimes it just seems to be their thing!

I have recently had litters where mostly all piglets have gone to new homes and don't dig at all and just one or two have reported back the same story as you. They are from the same litter with parents that have never rooted.

My pigs root under my trees and in a single patch in the middle of my field but nowhere else. My adults rarely even scuff the ground with the younger pigs digging slightly deeper.

As we approach the winter I restrict their grazing time to about 4 to 6 hours and give hay this seems to help.

I don't think there is any easy solution or answer to this question....I'd love to know what other people do/think......

Re: Rooting

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2012 8:03 pm
by wendy scu
i have upwards of 20 kunekunes from piglets to 13 years old. Some root some don't but it always starts at this time of year for the reasons Sam said and it is often only when they are young - second winter they possibly won't root at all.

my advice would be to restrict their grazing so you preserve your ground for the spring.

Re: Rooting

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2012 3:54 am
by at2aw97
I have 3 sows and a boar. the sows were seperated. all of them turned both of their pastures into a plowed field (I never would have guessed the pastures had that many rocks in them. by fall all that was present was dirt. I just got my kune's in july so im hoping it was a coping mechanism to a new home. This spring I am planning on replanting with grasses and see where that leads. If that doesnt work they will only be grazing on hay with an occasional grazing present in the yard.