suckling pig

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J Dougans
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suckling pig

Post by J Dougans » Mon Jun 30, 2014 4:09 pm


I have just sent off a couple of 3 month old piglets to slaughter. I was just wondering if anyone has experience of this and what preparation should be done to the carcass before being ready to cook?

Many thanks


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Re: suckling pig

Post by HappyHippy » Wed Jul 02, 2014 10:30 pm

Hi Julie,
I can only give you my experience of doing hog roasts (but the principles should be the same)
The carcass should be washed and patted dry (though I did hear reports on the radio the other day that 'they' no longer recommend washing chicken because of the potential spread of bacteria........not sure that same risk would apply with pork?)
Then lightly score the skin with a sharp knife, mist with water and sprinkle with salt (gives the crispiest crackelling)
Put in a medium oven, around 140 (covered with tinfoil) and give it at least 4 hours I'd say. Baste it regularly and once it's nearly done you can remove the tinfoil to crisp the skin. If you're not sure if it's done, check the juices on the thickest part (shoulder) or use a food probe to measure internal temperature.

You might need to remove some parts in order to get it to fit in the oven (depending on the size of your oven) the easiest way to do this is choose a joint or boney part, cut through to the bone all round it and twist the piece off. Usually knee joints are easiest to work around and it will help it to sit on the tray.

If you're struggling or would like a hands on demo just drop me an email and Bruce or I can come and show you.
Karen x

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