Help please rearing solitary piglet

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Help please rearing solitary piglet

Post by gabby » Thu Feb 27, 2014 7:27 am

Hello all
I was asked yesterday by our local "animal ambulance" to help with the fostering of a kune piglet found on a road alone. I have 4 kunes already but have never had baby piglet before.
No history. By size I'm guessing around 2weeks?
Been feeding goats milk from bottle through the night. Am shattered already! Just wants to be cuddled (obviously)
Reading another post here ill try to put goats milk in a tray and am going to try to buy some baby pellets today also. I don't want it to get lonely!
Also, any advise on what age I could put it outside with my others? It's currently in a dog cage with straw and blanket in my hallway!
All help and advise gratefully received.
Thank you, Gabby
Pets help make a house a home

wendy scu
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Re: Help please rearing solitary piglet

Post by wendy scu » Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:14 pm

how very sad and how fantastic that you have taken it in.
my first thought would be to try to find someone who could foster it on to a sow for you.
Goats milk will do it well - better if you can get raw goat's milk.

if you email me i will send you the chapter on Hand Rearing from my book.
it may not have much which is new to you but it may help a bit.

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