Too Fat?

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Jane M
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Too Fat?

Post by Jane M » Sun Oct 11, 2009 7:19 pm

I've tried to be careful what I feed my pigs but you know how they squeel for food!, Ive never stopped giving them just a cup full of nuts each morning and night over the summer on top of their grass as they were still growing. This week came the time for their worming injection so we bribed them into the weigher with an apple. The castrated boar was 73 kilos, the female being a bit bigger but the same age 1yr and nearly 3mths old, was 80 kilos. Shes about 43inches long from between her ears to the top of her tail. I know I havent to let her get fat if i want to breed from her but I'd like to delay it until about February so the piglets come in nice weather and after lambing time. My experienced farmer husband says they are far too fat, do you think so or are Kunes like their name just more 'fat and round' than most pigs?

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Post by Ajayb » Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:58 pm

I have KKs (3 gilts) about the same age as yours and, not having proper scales, I did the weight calculation thing - Weight (kg) = (length cms x girth cms behind shoulders x girth cms behind shoulders divided by 13871). Mine are slightly less long than yours (101cm) but their weights worked out at about 70-75kg. I thought this was really heavy (= about two Labradors +!) but when I checked the average weight of KKs, the stated range was 'between 55 and 110kg', which doesn't seem so bad.

I hope this helps a bit. Maybe the breeder you bought them from could advise you about the optimum breeding weight?

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