Metacam (Oral) - Alternative oral medication

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Metacam (Oral) - Alternative oral medication

Post by DeniseDulson » Wed Jul 18, 2018 6:02 pm

Hi there - one of my kunekune's has been prescribed Metacam Oral medication by our vet for arthritis in his front leg.

This has worked quite well and he also has a turmeric mix too.

Both seem to work reasonably well and his limp has reduced hugely over the past few months and he doesn't seem to have any obvious side effects fro the medicine (the vet said he might get an upset stomach but he's still up and eating well and so assume he's not suffering from this at the moment).

However, the vet has run out of Metacam and cannot get a due in date from the manufacturers.

I have managed to order some more online via another supplier with a prescription from the vet, but am concerned that if this does take some time to get from the manufacturer in the future then I might run out and I want to make sure he's not in pain.

I know you can also get an injectible version of Metacam, but we have a petsitter who comes in whilst we are away and so it is easy for her to give the pigs their oral medication rather than injections and so prefer to stick to oral medicines as much easier if we are away on holiday.

I have read online in various forums that you may be able to give them aspirin as an alternative? Am hoping I won't ever need to but wonder if anyone else has had this issue? Am going to discuss with the vet but wanted to see if anyone else had every tried this?

Would welcome any other recommendations too.

Many thanks.


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