alopecia (hair loss)

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Jennifer Hart
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alopecia (hair loss)

Post by Jennifer Hart » Wed May 09, 2018 1:49 pm

Hi I am wondering whether anyone else has had this problem with their Kune pig
I have two 5 year old male castrates who developed quite serious hair loss on the back and face about this time last year.
The vet gave a steroid injection to boost them and another in case of mites (which I think was a distinct possibility). He also advised a daily dose of Zinc which I have continued on one pig who has improved. Unfortunately the other seems unable to tolerate the zinc and foams excessively at the mouth so that can't be given to him. The latter is now becoming seriously bald along the length of his back,half his face and one ear and it now seems to be spreading to his sides. The skin does not appear red, broken or angry. I have brushed off dry skin,applied a gentle herbal shampoo and then E45 cream to keep it supple - no improvement.
This year the vet has given a steroid injection with no effect and next week will inject for mites just in case.
They have a good diet, Allan & Page pot bellied pig nuts and plenty of fresh veg.
Perhaps I should take them off straw in their arc.
I am quite worried and would welcome any suggestions

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Re: alopecia (hair loss)

Post by simon » Wed May 09, 2018 8:41 pm

Hair loss is common in kunekunes. Once you have ruled out mange and other skin conditions then the treatment is pig oil and patience - it grows back.
You will see quite a bit of discussion about it on this site and elsewhere. My boar is bald at the moment, it can take time to grow back but will eventually.

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