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Lame Pig

Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2015 3:16 pm
by ifidlewild
Hi, I am seeking advice regards one of our pigs, Orwell.
Several months ago he developed a lame front foot, he won't put it down on the ground.
Two Vets have been to see him, he has been physically examined but they cannot find a reason for his refusal to put his foot down.
He was prescribed 'Bute' but this has little effect.
There seems to be no injury to his foot, the vet could not find anything and felt it may be muscular so rest is best approach, which he has been doing.
He eats and drinks well, but obviously would be good to see him wandering around again?
Has anyone seen this in a pig before, and if so, any suggestions on how best to treat it please.

Thank you

Re: Lame Pig

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 4:52 pm
by HappyHippy
Hi, the only time I've seen what you describe was when a young gilt had gotten a thorn from a Hawthorn tree stuck up between the soft pads on her foot - it was way up in there and took us about a week to find.... She was bearing weight on it initially but it progressively got worse. Can you get him to lie down for a belly rub and have someone wash the trotter and really have a feel about between the pads and around the trotter - watching his reaction to see if you can spot anything obvious (you'll be better at it than the vet - pigs are like dogs.....can spot a vet at 20 paces :wink: ).
Is he getting around on 3 legs okay? I can't think it'll be much fun for him :cry:
Has he had metacam? It's a great anti-inflammatory, might be worth trying that before bute?
Sorry not to be more help, keep us posted with how he/you are getting on.
Karen x

Re: Lame Pig

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 12:09 pm
by Keith Baron
Hi, Strangely enough I have a pig with exactly the same problem. As you suggest, it is very difficult to get near the foot as he doesn't trust anyone near it, he even moans when I come near him with an antiseptic spray. there is no pus, nothing appears infected,etc., the same as you. I wondered if it could be sprain or fracture, and how long it would take to heal? Any advice? Keith

Re: Lame Pig

Posted: Fri Oct 02, 2015 11:49 am
by HappyHippy
Hi Keith,
If he's bearing weight on it I'd give him 24-48 hours to see if he improves - if he's not bearing weight you need to get a vet out.
Without examining him it's going to be difficult - does he not lie down for a belly rub? You might need to ask your vet to come and sedate him while you have a good check over the foot/leg. If you suspect it's a strain or sprain you could try giving a jab of metacam (anti inflammatory) but the only way to be sure is to examine him.