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skinny pig died

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 5:31 am
by at2aw97
I had a good sow I saw saturday that was really skinny. I go out everyday and feed and this day I noticed she had dropped a lot of wieght bones were poking through and showing. she did get up and eat when I fed her her oats but looked very sickley. On sunday morning she was dead. She had to have dropped the weight in about 24 hours, maybe 48. I have only had my kunes for about 6 months, not sure of age, they are fed aprox 5 lbs scoop of oats/day along with hay. I have not been able to find a pig wormer in the local stores(wisconsin, usa) i was giving a continuous horse wormer this summer, havent lately but just started again. It gets very cold here and we just got a lot of snow but the farmer I got them from was raising them outside in this weather. Now my boar is looking a little skinny....not sickley but lost a little weight. The sow that died and the boar were in two seperate pens, and other two sows (one with boar, one with sow that died) are doing good. the other issue is I put boar and two remaining sows together and the sows fight, gueissing normal.

any ideas on what happened or how to preevent or where to get a good wormer would be helpful, my wife is worried about our boar now.

Re: skinny pig died

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2012 9:32 pm
by wendy scu
i have several friends on facebook who are in the USA and have kunes. contact Chris Rowley and ask his advice about wormer. his email is or and his website is Tell him Wendy Scudamore recommended him.

Kunes do well outdoors all year round provided they have a good warm, dry bed to sleep in and shelter from wet and cold weather. I would try feeding them a proper pig nut or pig meal. again, i don't know where you would source it in the US but Chris will be able to help. Pigs need the vitamins and minerals in a specially prepared pig food and straight oats would not be providing that.

Yes, it is normal for sows to fight when first introduced but watch it doesn't get too nasty. it helps to introduce them on neutral ground with plenty of space and a choice of sleeping quarters so if they don't get on, no one gets left outside at night.
hope this helps,
best wishes

Re: skinny pig died

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2013 6:39 am
by at2aw97
Thanks for the info. They also get all the hay they want and occasional slop/scraps. as far as their living condition....I have a small barn that is spit into 3 sections. each end ha access to their outside pastures and the middle is for me, thier food and hay storage. when I put them together I just opened the fence that kept the two pastures seperated. these sows were together just prior to the one being introduced to the boar.

Thanks again for all the information