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Post by jen » Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:01 pm

Hi, Weve just recently given our gorgeous Kunes an injection of Ivomectin for worms,Lice and Mange however looking at my notes It looks as though we were advised to also inject them for ERYSIPELAS? would this be right?
Thanks. Jen

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Re: injections

Post by The Rushbury Pig » Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:27 am

There will probably be different views expressed about whether or not to vaccinate and what to vaccinate against, it is a topic that is often debated! :)

I vaccinate against against it as I breed and it is a simple, cheap vaccine to buy and administer and only needs to be repeated once a year after the first two doses(4 weeks apart). It is in the soil and I believe it is carried in the tonsils of most pigs and tends to become an issue when a pig is stressed or under the weather for some other reason. I raised an orphan Middle White last year who was with my vaccinated herd and he came down with it and was quite poorly as I hadn't vaccinated him.

If you breed I would say you should seriously consider doing so as it can lead to serious issues with mum and unborn piglets and, at least locally to me, has been a common problem amongst pig keepers.
Cheerio for now, Sam Jones :-)

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Re: injections

Post by Di » Fri Mar 02, 2012 6:44 pm

Definately inject for erysipelas. I have always done my breeding sows and boar and any piglets being sold but didn't bother with the piglets which were being reared for meat. Then last year I had a lovely boar die at 6 months old.The vet said it was erysipelas. She explained that the germ was in the soil and therefore moving the piglets to another paddock would make no difference.

The vet also said that now that more people are raising pigs outdoors they are seeing more instances of it.

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Erysipelas, Parvo virus

Post by repatexpat » Tue Jun 11, 2013 7:11 pm

What is the youngest that piglets can/should be treated for Erysipelas?

If the sow isn't to be bred again until mid-winter, is there any point in giving her Parvo vaccine now, along with first Erysipelas injection?

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Re: injections

Post by claire86 » Sat Jun 15, 2013 9:00 pm

I presume you mean when is the earliest the piglets can be vaccinated against ery? I'm more familiar with the Porcilis vaccines which state 'from 6 weeks of age' - two vaccinations 4 weeks apart. This should then be boostered every 6 months. For sows, this can be during lactation, weaning or during pregnancy (but not during the last 2 weeks of pregnancy).

Again, with regards to the Porcilis vaccination, the parvo vacc (ery and parvo combined) initial vaccination is a single shot, which should then be boostered annually. It will not work if given less than 2 weeks prior to mating.

So it depends when you mean by mid-winter. If, for arguments-sake you mean the sow will be farrowing on 15 December, the nearest to that you could vaccinate for ery would be 01 December. So then you would have given the initial ery on 01 May then the 2nd on 01 June (or whenever 4 weeks is!). Either of these initial vaccinations could be the combination ery/parvo, but NOT the booster in December.

Hope this kind of makes sense! Let me know if you have any more Q.


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