Smallholder show classes!?

All about shows and showing of kunekune pigs.
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Smallholder show classes!?

Post by misslux » Sun Jan 02, 2011 6:17 pm

I was looking on the Royal welsh smallholder show website today. Looked at the results from last years show.
There seems to be the normal classes (sow/boars over and under certain age) and some "fun" classes.
Did any of you do these fun classes? How was the fastest pig judged? I have a kunekune who has an amzing gallop, i think she would do quite well racing - although i would need to shake a bucket to get her going!! :D
Are they just a bit of fun, or do people take it really seriously? I am new to kunes and have not shown a pig in my life, but would love to try it! Im just worried i will look like a sily amateur!
Also, can castrates compete? and waht is the rule on piris - is it a must for showing??
Any advice please!!!!! :D

wendy scu
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Post by wendy scu » Sun Jan 02, 2011 6:28 pm

i have taken part for the last 4 years. the fun classes are just that - and there are all kinds of tricks involved including bucket shaking!!
the show classes are 'serious' but you won't look like a silly amatuer - we are all amatuers and we all help each other out - its a really good community feeling at the shows and all the 'real' pig people help us out too.

piris are not essenial - they are worth 10 points on the breed standard as are good feet, good hams, a good back and many other points (have a look its on the resources page)
I have successfully shown a sow of mine for 3 years now - she has won - with no piris but she is such a good sow that she earns her points with all her other attributes :)
give it a go - you will be hooked!

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