General Advice about diet and feeding

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General Advice about diet and feeding

Post by RoryBoy » Sun Nov 06, 2011 7:25 pm

Hi! I have a year old castrated male KK who shares his home with a 2 year old female PBP. Their feed was 1/3 grass nuts and 2/3 Pig Roll (13%). Unfortunately due to the excessive rooting by my PBP there is no grass for them to graze on. My KK was becoming overweight and lethargic- happy to sleep all day long unless food was on offer! I did some extensive research into how I could put him on a diet without causing him any health problems but the only solution I could find was to cut his diet down to nothing but grass!? We're now 3 months into the process and he has lost a significant amount of weight, he is far more active and quick to respond - before it could take me any thing up to an hour to motivate him to move out of the rain into shelter!! So all is good but just over the past few days I have noticed that his hair is thinning around his face neck and shoulders and in places I can see his skin. He definitely does not have mange or parasites so I'm worried he could be lacking in vitamins or have some type of nutrient deficiency. As I mentioned above he does not have access to any natural grazing so I get him a big carrier bag full of fresh grass a day which I pick from a friends overgrown private garden and scatter around his enclosure. I can never be sure exactly how much of it he eats as the PBP is very keen on it and also a bit of a bully so to make sure that he is getting something daily I give him an apple, a large carrot, a celery stick and a pear or peach. Occasionally I chuck in a handful of Bran or some prunes as he poo's a lot, lot less obviously and sometimes it seems very dry. He doesn't drink a great deal, nothing like the 8l's a day I read about and probably nearer 2l's. He does have access to constant fresh water if he wants it. I guess I just want some confirmation that it is ok to be doing this to him, is hand picked grass as good as free access to his own grazing, probably not but I don't have another solution. It would be great if I could just feed him the grass nuts but he refuses them - even when i mixed with the pig nuts he never appeared to touch them. Maybe there is a nutritional supplement that someone knows about and could recommend to ensure he is not being deprived of anything. Any advice appreciated greatly:O)

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Re: General Advice about diet and feeding

Post by simon » Mon Nov 07, 2011 11:27 am

At this time of year, depending how far north you live, the nutrients in the grass are disappearing into the roots ready for winter - especially if its just cut from rough ground and not from pasture. So he may well not be getting enough. Ad-lib access to hay or haylage would be good, and some pigs nuts. You can still diet if needed, but just don't be quite as harsh.

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Re: General Advice about diet and feeding

Post by cloudybay » Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:47 pm

There is a mulivit you can give them. Get in touch with Jonathan Guy at Animal Health(go via the internet to get his phone number) He does supply small amounts of a Multi/Trace element/Vitamins for the small holder. It does work a dose of that should get him back on track. If it doesn't then you'll know that he's not lacking in Vitamins.Good luck its all trial and error. :)

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