Ark requirements and fox problems

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Ark requirements and fox problems

Post by davidsthubbins » Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:32 pm

Hello everyone. Will hopefully be taking delivery of two young kunekune within the next few weeks and I have been eagerly reading everything I can bit I still have a couple of questions that might seem a bit basic but bear with me...
I'm going to build an ark. Lots of plans/ideas available on the internet but the one answer I need is concerning doors. Does the ark need to have a door that can be closed? And do you effectively lock your pigs away at night? We have plenty of visits from foxes at night so that concerns me, especially while the pigs are still small.
While I'm talking about arks, there seem to be two schools of thought regarding floors: the idea of a wood floor sounds good but I've read that the space under the floor might be a good place for rats.
Any guidance would be most welcome.

wendy scu
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Re: Ark requirements and fox problems

Post by wendy scu » Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:40 pm

regarding doors - you don't need a closing door. by the time you get your kunes they will be too big for a fox to tackle - it's only the first week or two that foxes are a threat.
my advice on arks is -
have an offset door as if in the middle there is nowhere draft free in the ark.
make sure the door is kune sized as most arks have enormous doors - i use 24" tall x 17" wide and even the biggest boar can get through that without any trouble.
floors - a wooden floor is great. build it so you can take the top off and leave the floor exposed when you want to clean the ark - it is horrible having to get inside an ark to clean it. we have them with 'D' clips on the corners to attach ark to floor.
yes, it may harbour rats but the kunes wont mind them and better under the ark than in it with them :D

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Re: Ark requirements and fox problems

Post by ambriel » Fri Oct 21, 2011 5:07 pm

We got our three Kunes at 11 weeks and there's never been a fox problem. In fact they seem to actively discourage foxes from visiting the garden - presumably it's the scent - and so our hens remain hassle-free too despite us knowing foxes use our driveway as a shortcut to/from the harbour.

As to housing, all we do with ours is a sack or sheet hung across the doorway. I wouldn't rate the survival chances of a lockable door with our three on the inside and wanting out :)

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