stanleys poorley eye again! help!

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stanleys poorley eye again! help!

Post by avons82 » Thu Jun 30, 2011 10:23 am


In the last month there's been 3 occasions now where I've had to remove straw bits from stanleys eye. :cry:

He's looked to have a sore eye and when I've looked he's had bit's of straw stuck in there which I've had to remove with tweezers.

He had something in his eye two days ago, which I eventually managed to get out, but the eye looked bad - it had bled a little (I think) and there was a lot of puss. I got the straw out and bathed it with a little sterillised sat water, but it still looks quite bad..

it's still pretty much closed with not so much puss, just very red on the inner eyelid...

can anyone recommend any type of eye drops I could buy to help, or try to prevent this from happening so often and do you think I need a trip to the vets??? :(

thanks so much... amey
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Post by claire86 » Thu Jun 30, 2011 5:56 pm

If there's been pus there, especially with history of a trauma, the eye should be checked by a vet for ulcers/erosions on the corneal surface. This will determine which eye drops or treatment will be suitable.
You can continue bathing with warm water or use teabags (!) in the mean time.
As to why it's happening so often, have a good look at the eye - are there any ingrowing eyelashes at all which could be causing irritation and so making him rub his face in the straw? They might be very small! If there seems to be no underlying cause, you may have to think about a change in bedding.

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Post by HappyHippy » Sun Jul 03, 2011 5:14 pm

It sounds like conjunctivitus (sorry, my spelling is BAD today :roll: ) and some drops or cream will clear it up quite quickly - STOP with the salty water though, it hurts like hell ! I would also say to get the vet to check it because the chances of trauma to the cornea is very high (especially if it's happened a few times and you've had to use tweezers) - if left this can cause the cornea to start to die off and lead to blindness. Normally you get anesthetic drops and antibiotics which help kill the pain and treat the infection - but as Clare says - get the vet to check him out, sooner rather than later. The eyes should never be pussy.
Hope he's better soon,

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Post by avons82 » Mon Jul 04, 2011 9:28 pm

thanks guys for all your advice - his eye is looking a lot better, but I'm keeping watch on it and will take a trip to the vets straight away if it starts to look worse again...

if I change the bedding (to help prevent this happening again) what would I use instead of straw?

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Post by Pandora » Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:35 pm

Used wet teabags to clean, and buy some optrex infected eyes ointment.
Corneal ulcers have to heal themselves, but you must clean away gunk, and keep any infection at bay. ?5 a tube from your chemist... say it's for your granny if they ask!
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