Challenging boar

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Challenging boar

Post by Stefan » Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:10 pm

I have a 9 month old boar (entire) who is living with 2 gilts (9 and 10 month old). Recently he broke out of his electric fence as it failed in the snow.
So far not a problem, he gently pushed it up and walked under it, never even broke it.
However, I had another boar (found a lovely new home last week) who was fully grown and was pretty large for the breed. This boar was also free ranging due to his electric fence failing (and he DID make a mess of it).

This boar then "claimed" the young gilts and started seeing the young boar off. He kept out the way until I returned from holiday (of course those things ALWAYS happen when I'm away).
I fixed the fencing, reconnected it and put them all back.

Now to the problem: the young boar keeps challenging me when I walk into his enclosure without food. He is an angel at feeding times but has ran into my legs a few times now when I put the chickens to bed at night (they are in the same enclosure as the pigs).

First time I shouted at him but that seemed to wind him up so now I just walk off. He is strong though and my knee joints are hurting.

Any ideas what to do ?
Don't want to having to avoid him, or worse pen him away, he usually is a big softie and loves cuddles, but won't relax near me any more.

I don't want to be having to carry food around with me all the time, as the pigs will see me as a walking kiosk.

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Post by wendy scu » Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:49 pm

Take a board and stick in with you (board will protect your knees!) and jab him in the shoulder with the stick. boar behaviour/fighting is always shoulder to shoulder and a jab in the shoulder is what he would expect from a boar higher in the pecking order than he is. if he challenges you, square up to him with the jab in the shoulder until he backs down.
don't let him get the better of you or he will always be a problem and as he gets bigger and stronger it will become a problem,

don't worry - it does work!

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Post by Stefan » Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:18 pm

Thanks for that.
I will try that if he does it again. Although I am hoping that the idea I had today may work. I went into the "pen" (100 meter fence line) BEFORE I fed them. He looked at me totally confused while the girls got their cuddles.
He then came closer and put his head next to my knee. I was expecting him to challenge me again so I very slowly moved out the way but he walked off to see if the chickens had any food.
I followed him, stroked and praised him, then went to get the food. Half an hour later I shut the chickens away and he didn't take any notice of me.

Had he challenged me I would have not been feeding him (and the girls). See how it goes in the morning, but he may just get the idea that he needs to be nice to me or there is no food. Pigs are pretty clever, so he should get the idea. If not I will have to resort to a boar fight... although this may only work for a while as he may challenge me again if he thinks I have become weak and I'd rather not be challenged by a fully grown boar......

He used to walk into my legs from behind at feeding times. That stopped immediately when I started walking off with the food instead of feeding him. Now he is the one who runs to the feeder and waits there patiently...

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