Nervous newbie

General chat about kunekune pigs
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Joe Cotter
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Nervous newbie

Post by Joe Cotter » Wed Oct 23, 2019 7:11 pm

Hi all. New to the group. No experience with kunekunes.
I'm getting three castrated males approx 12wks old. I've been reading all I can find and feeling well set.
Just a few particular questions that I'd like to get advice on.

Should I strim the grass down or do they like 'wild' high grass?

I'm planning on feeding them mainly veg. At 12 wks hows their chewing? Would I need to cut stuff up for them?

General advice on feeding.

What's the best bedding (especially now for winter). And how often do you have to change their bedding?

Thanks in advance guys.
Joe, Cork, Ireland.

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Re: Nervous newbie

Post by simon » Wed Oct 23, 2019 11:29 pm

Hi and welcome to the group !

Kunes prefer shorter grass, so keep it trimmed. Though it is coming winter now so there won't be much goodness left in the grass and they probably won't be that interested until spring. Depending on the weather and your land you might want to restrict them to a smaller area in the winter.

You won't need to chop up veg. Even at 12 weeks they could almost chew through metal bars. They love eating, so anything that makes them work for it is a good thing.

Straw is best for bedding, whatever type is local to you. The bedding should be deep but not necessarily big in area. Keep the bedding to a small area and then they won't be tempted to use half of it as a toilet. I have seen people put a small dog kennel inside an arc and fill only the kennel with straw. If you collect any muck and pile it up you might get them to consider the pile as the toilet area. That makes things easier for you and then the bedding won't need changing as often.

Have fun!!

Joe Cotter
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Re: Nervous newbie

Post by Joe Cotter » Thu Oct 24, 2019 9:41 am

Thanks Simon.
Chew through metal bars.....jaysus 🤣.

Joe Cotter
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Re: Nervous newbie

Post by Joe Cotter » Fri Oct 25, 2019 1:49 pm

Just find out now their only 8 wks and I'm getting them Monday!
Any feeding advice greatly appreciated.

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Re: Nervous newbie

Post by toni » Sat Oct 26, 2019 6:30 pm

Hi Joe

Welcome to the glorious world of Kunes!

I have two castrates that I’ve had for eight years-they bring me endless joy. As Simon says, they’ll bite through anything! I chop up veg for them to keep them slightly more occupied when they’re eating but it’s entirely unnecessary for them in terms of ease of consumption.

Straw is definitely the best and Simon’s wise words are bang on!

I also feed mine some hay once all the grass has gone/turned to mud in the rain and I scatter tiny bits of veg amongst the hay so they can root and find it to keep themselves busy.

Are you keeping them as pets or for meat? If the former, add water into their pig nuts to make a sort of pig porridge so that they definitely drink each day. Obviously you’ll have a water trough for them but castrates can be prone to bladder stones because of not drinking enough and I’ve learnt this from bitter experience and a hefty vet’s bill. My pig who suffered from this made a complete recovery and is now eight years old but I still make sure I see him drink every day and when it’s really cold outside I give him a bucket of warm water with cider vinegar in it to encourage him!

Enjoy your pigs!


Joe Cotter
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Re: Nervous newbie

Post by Joe Cotter » Sat Oct 26, 2019 9:31 pm

Hi Toni,
Thanks so much. Some good pointers there. I'll be taking your advice.
Today was a good day in terms of getting everything set up, excited now!
I'm driving the full length of Ireland for them.....fingers crossed no Brexit walls go up by Monday🙂.

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Re: Nervous newbie

Post by Clairejohnson » Tue Feb 04, 2020 5:28 pm

Hi there I am contacting you regarding a pig he is currently in my back garden with a house made for him he is a kunekune pig pure breed I am needing too find him a home as was my mother's and she passed and am not allowed too keep him any idea would be appreciated

Dawn Waller
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Re: Nervous newbie

Post by Dawn Waller » Mon Mar 02, 2020 4:14 pm

Hi Claire, if you are on Facebook you may want to try the Facebook page kunekune pigs uk. People advertise for pigs - and to rehome pigs on there.
Hope you find him a home

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