Introduce new pigs to existing pigs

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Introduce new pigs to existing pigs

Post by simon&sarah » Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:07 pm

Hi, hope someone can help. We have recently (July'17) adopted / rescued 3 kunekune pigs (all 4 years old, castrated boar and 2 sows - all from same litter).

We have them in 1 8x4ft arc and they have access to 1 acre field. We are considering adopting/rescuing 2 younger kunekune pigs (c 3 months old - sow and uncastrated boar - sorry if terminology incorrect, new to pigs). They will be kept as pets and not for meat.

We were concerned with if new pigs would be accepted by older pigs and best approach to integrate them and at what age?

If anyone has any experience or advice then it would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. our pigs are generally placid and friendly although the castrated boar ("Pudding") wil push/tusk sows ("Patsy" and "Pumpkin") or us if we are in way of food. But I am obviously concerned for safety of new and existing pigs.

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