Pig compatibility problem

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Pig compatibility problem

Post by howie1611 » Thu Jun 22, 2017 4:57 pm

We recently purchased a male kunekune at 12 weeks old. We have a large open plan house and garden. Initially 'Pumba' settled in well appart from his amorous approaches to our male and female pugs. We had him castrated which put an end to that behaviour. For about a week after he would often snuggle up to the pugs in their bed or with us and the pugs on the sofa. How in the last few weeks he has started biting the pugs back legs and going for our giant rabbit which now has a bite mark on its ear. The pugs respond aggressively and even though they are only small I am worried Pumba will get bitten. My wife is gutted as she has always wanted a pig. She believes the only solution now is to give Pumba away to a new home. Do you have any suggestions that may remedy the situation that doesnt involve parting company with any of the animals?

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Re: Pig compatibility problem

Post by The Rushbury Pig » Thu Jun 29, 2017 1:40 pm

Hello there,

Pumba is behaving as many pigs in the same situation would so he is not unusual. He simply does not 'speak' pug :lol: He will interpret some dog behaviour as potentially aggressive and vice versa this may well be made worse by being in a house setting but I cannot be sure. unfortunately, now they have started to behave with each other like this, I suspect it will become more and more aggressive and as Pumba grows he may well inflict damage to the Pugs as well.

Pumba really needs a piggy companion and needs to be housed outside in a large area where he can display normal piggy behaviour and piggy relationships and human/dog interaction.

It is very unusual for a reputable breeder to sell a single piglet as pigs are known to be highly sociable herd animals. I would approach the breeder to get a companion for Pumba.

May I ask if Pumba has been castrated. Hopefully he has been :) If he hasn't been you need to get this done asap, an entire boar should never be sold as a pet. The BKKPS is very clear on this policy for its breeders as it is not safe to have an entire boar as a pet.

Hopefully this is helpful :wink:

Feel free to email me on my email address if you would like any further help/advice/support :)
Cheerio for now, Sam Jones :-)

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