Misbehaving Pig!

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Misbehaving Pig!

Post by DeniseDulson » Tue Feb 05, 2013 8:43 pm

Hi there - we re-homed a couple of gilts early last year as the previous owner lost her land and following a difficult few weeks, they finally settled down with our two castrated boars.

However, one of the gilts is now regularly chasing and biting the boys and can be quite nasty with them (usually unprovoked!), but not her sister. We also have to feed the girls and boys separately as otherwise, she will eat half of her own and then scare the boys off and they won't come back anywhere near her until she's finished. As you can imagine, as castrated boars, they don't fight back so often end up with a bloody ear or nose!

Is there anything at all anyone would suggest as it is getting to the point where we now feel really guilty about taking the girls on (we've now had the boys for almost 4years and they are no trouble at all) and are seriously considering asking someone else to take the girls so that the boys can go back to their calmer life!

The girls have never been bred but are lovely animals and in good shape/healthy but we're trying to find out where they were originally bred - one has a tag, but the person who asked us to re-home them never got any papers from where she bought them as piglets. They both have piri piris and were sold to her as kunekune's, but cannot prove they are pure at the moment due to lack of paperwork. Am trying to get back in touch with previous owner to find out where she bought them.

Any thoughts/advice appreciated - or any interest from anyone who would consider taking them on? We have ensured they've had their erysipilis jabs and regular worming (previous owner hadn't done any of this so we started from scratch when we took them on at 14mths old). They are now about 2yrs old so just about full grown.

All help and guidance appreciated!

Many thanks.


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