one pig!

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one pig!

Post by ning » Sat Nov 17, 2012 10:47 pm

Hi, new to pigs, and have aquired a kunekune crossed with a micro pig (suposedly) because it was the last one and was going to slaughter if a home wasnt found! She's 6 months old, just been taken from her Mom who's now no-longer and after reading lots of info am a little concerned that ive done the right thing, I'd had to make the decision quickly as her owners were moving to a place she couldnt go and I'm a sucker for a sob story! She's lovely, not been handled much, but loves a scratch, she's outdoors but not on masses of land and has a small grassed area that she's in, which can be opened up to a bank where I have a few old battery hens. We have noticed when we enter her patch over the fence she gets v excited and runs at you and tries to bite your feet, but otherwise she seems happy enough. My worry is after reading lots on the net that she will never be totally happy alone! It breaks my heart to read about some lonely pigs dying of depression, I dont really have enough room for two! I know your probably thinking I should have read up before, I did a little, but I didnt have much time before she went for slaughter, I now think did i do the right thing if she's going to be so unhappy alone! Would appreciate some advice please.

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Re: one pig!

Post by wendy scu » Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:41 pm

how much room do you have? usually if its enough for one its enough for two :)

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