Kune fighting

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Kune fighting

Post by Philldempo » Sat Aug 15, 2020 12:25 pm

Hi just need some advice. I bought a 8 week old Kune. He’s great, whole family loved him for the month we had him (after castration he settled down a lot)
I’m due to go back to work soon so was worried he would get lonely down in his pen. We took to decision to get him a pig pal (a 7 week old from the same farm) so he doesn’t get lonely during the day.
They were great for a week then the new little Guy started trying to mount him and starting fights (he was losing them as he is much smaller)
We also took him to the vet for a castration hoping that would sort his aggression. It’s over a week later and they still have to be separated. How long does this normally take? And has anyone got any tips on stopping the fighting?

Thanks in advance

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